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Meet Your Captian

Captain Scott developed his gills at an early age. Growing up on Grand Lake O' the Cherokees in Northeast Oklahoma, he fell in love with boating, watersports, and nature at a young age.  He began waterskiing at the age of 5, competing in the sport at the age of 11, and driving a boat at the age of 13. He then found his lifelong passion for wakeboarding and competed in watersports up through the collegiate level.

He spent several years as a scuba diver for SeaWorld, where he met his Mermaid (wife), and they moved back to Oklahoma. He served in law enforcement, as a water patrol officer, where he gained the skillset and experience to maneuver various types of watercrafts and conduct rescues in challenging and harsh conditions.

The Sunshine state eventually pulled Captain Scott back to its endless summers, where he can boat and participate in watersports year-round. He spends his time on the diverse Indian River Lagoon and is looking forward to sharing it’s beauty with you!


Your Ride For The Day

We proudly use MasterCraft Boats.

These handcrafted luxury ski boats are the pinnacle of quality, comfort, and world class wakes for any level of experience.

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